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Аккорды - "San Bernadino" - Christie

Аккорды - Christie - "San Bernadino"

D                          Fm#                Hm          Fm#
I´ve been all around this great big world To Paris and to Rome
          D             Fm#                Hm            Fm#
And I´ve never found a place that I Could really call my own
            Hm                                 Fm#
But there´s one place where I know The sun is shining endlessly
          A                                                               D
And it´s calling me across the sea So I must get back to San Bernadino

D                Fm#              Hm           Fm# 
I remember when I was sixteen My daddy said to me
             D                 Fm#     Hm       Fm#
"You could travel round this universe Until eternity,
            Hm                                  Fm#           
"But you´ll never find that peace of mind That you´ve been dreamin´ of,
     A                                                    A                                  D
"Not until you finally decide  To come on home to San Bernadino."

                 A            D
Oh, I´m longin´ for San Bernadino
Hm              Fm#          D
Oh, I´m longin´ for San Bernadino

3rd verse
I´ve been all along the water
Right up to the Rio Grande
And I´ve never found that paradise
They call the promised land
I was young and foolishly
I thought the world was at my feet
But I know different now and so*
I´m homeward bound for San Bernadino

4th verse
Well I´m older and I´m wiser
And I´ve seen the light of day
And I think it´s time to realise
My dreams have gone astray
But I tried so hard to reach that star
That was so far away
So now I gotta find that road 
That´s leading home to San Bernadino

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