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Аккорды - "Promises" - Cranberries

Аккорды - Cranberries - "Promises"

Бой игры как у Никольского - Мой друг художник и поэт

Intro, Version, Chorus (обычным боем, с дисторшеном)

   Fm Cm D# Cm#

You better believe I´m coming

You better hold on to your promises
Because you bet you´ll get what you deserve.

She´s going to leave him over
She´s gonna take her love away
So much for your eternal vows, well
It does not matter anyway.

Why can´t you stay here a while
Stay here awhile
Stay with me.

Oh, all the promises we made
All the meaningless and empty words
I prayed, prayed, prayed.
Oh , all the promises we broke
All the meaningless and empty words
I spoke, spoke, spoke

Do-do-do Do-do-do Do-do-do Do-do-do

What of all the things that you taught me
What of all the things that you´d say
What of all your prophetic preaching
You´re just throwing it all away

Maybe we should burn the house down
Have ourselves another fight
Leave the cobwebs in the closet
´Cause tearing them out is just not right

Why can´t you stay here awhile
Stay here awhile
Stay with me..oh.oh

Repeat Chorus

Oh eh. Oh eh. Oh eh. Oh eh. Oh eh x 3  

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